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Film composer Deon van Heerden composing new sounds

Deon Van Heerden

Composer, Guitarist & Maximalist

A co-founder of PolyForge Media, Deon specialises in video game and trailer music, with a deep-seated passion for film music. 

His first commercial success came with his bombastic score for the hit video game Broforce. His music for its advertising campaign netted a Golden Trailer for 

Most Innovative Ad for a Video Game. He also provided the theme song via his long-running power metal band, Strident.

Since then, he has scored over two dozen video games, and has provided bespoke music for countless trailers, advertising campaigns and indie films.

Deon prides himself on providing engaging music across a wide variety of genres and, with his academic background in theatre and literature, his music retains a keen sense of drama, storytelling and audience-centric entertainment.

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