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Bespoke Trailer & Advertising Music

When time is of the essence

When you're putting together a trailer or advert, you know that time is of the essence. Video length and turn-around times are both often severely constrained. All too often this means that you're torn between stock music heard a thousand times before, or prohibitively expensive music licensing in order to get your advert or trailer launched in time. 

At PolyForge, we believe you should have the freedom to commission the music you want, delivered fast and within budget. Our team has extensive experience in the advertising field and, by leveraging our industry partners, we can offer a full audio pipeline, from concept to post-production, under one roof. One point of contact means better communication, fewer complications and total peace of mind.

Email us, or book a consultation below, and let us help you realise your vision for your next promotional campaign.

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