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Original Music for Film & Television 


The soundtrack your film deserves

Possibly the most diverse and challenging of all modern forms of music composition, the score is integral to an audience's enjoyment and understanding of a film. At PolyForge, we embrace the past and the future, marrying traditional musical storytelling to bleeding edge production techniques. Whether you're blowing up cinemas with a blockbuster, or changing the world with a fresh indie film, your film deserves a soundtrack that tells your story and exceeds your expectations. 

Almost as crucial as the music itself, communication, speed and reliability are all integral to the success of a film score. At PolyForge, our experience across a range of media disciplines makes us uniquely suited to provide music tailored to your vision, on time and within budget.

Book a consultation today, or simply fill out the form below, and let us help you forge the soundtrack your film deserves.


Rise to the challenge of the modern storytelling medium

Television is the quintessential modern storytelling medium. As productions have become more elaborate, and the stories they tell increasingly sophisticated, audiences' expectations with regards to their soundtracks have risen in step.

As with film music, we embrace the past and the future, marrying traditional musical disciplines with bleeding edge production techniques. We pride ourselves on exceptional communication, speed and reliability. 

Whether you need the perfect needle drop, a powerful theme or a full score, our seasoned and eclectic stable of composers is ready to rise to the challenge

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